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Stick With Me – Audiobook Online By: Jennifer Blecher

A skater without a rink. An artist has no place to paint. Two stray girls suddenly become friends during an unusual week. Readers of Lynda Mullaly Hunt, Rebecca Stead, and Lisa Graff will love Stick with Me.

Izzy’s best friend seems to be abandoning her for the Queen of Means, Daphne Toll. Izzy wants to mingle and have some real friends, but all she really has are her drawings. And then her family rents out their home for the winter break to make extra money – and that family’s daughter is sleeping in Izzy’s room and joining the same camp!

Wren is focusing on perfecting her skating routine after skating in the categories last year. But when her sister became eligible for life-changing treatment for her epilepsy. Wren was placed in a rented house near Boston. It doesn’t help that she’s forced to attend the local drama camp, where it seems the mean girls have it all for her.

Will Izzy and Wren’s shared state of being Phoebe and Daphne’s target bring them closer together? Or will the middle school movie prevent them from becoming friends?

Jennifer Blecher, author of the popular book Out of Place, writes with perfect ear for twelve-year-old girls about the ups and downs of high school friendships. Told from two perspectives, Stick with Me is a story about inclusion and self-discovery.

A great book about friendship. I just found this book and it was recommended by a good friend. My daughter read another book by this author called Out of Place, it was also excellent, but so my daughter kept reading it and finished it on the first day.

Highly recommend this beautifully written and compassionate story about an unlikely friendship in middle school. Izzy and Wren are incredibly relatable, and the younger readers in your life will love their alternate chapters. 5 stars!


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