Summer Of The Mariposas – Audiobook Online

Summer Of The Mariposas – Audiobook Online By: Guadalupe Garcia McCall

Summer of the Mariposas is a magical Mexican-American retelling of The Odyssey – and a tribute to sisterhood and motherhood.

When Odilia and her four sisters find a dead body in a swimming hole, they embark on a hero’s journey to bring the corpse back to their family in Mexico. But returning home to Texas turns into an adventure that can rival Homer’s origin story.

With the supernatural help of the ghostly La Llorona through a magical earring, Odilia and her sisters make their way through the arduous road to the home of their long-lost grandmother. Along the way, they must overcome a witch and her Triad of Evil: an insidious sorcerer, a pack of evil half-human owls, and a bloodthirsty cattle-hunting chupacabras.

Can these great challenges prepare Odilia and her sisters for what will happen when they face their ultimate challenge: returning home to the real world, where nymphs and ghosts are, can no longer help them?

No shortage of great! It’s been a long time since I’ve devoured a book for days… but I can’t stop reading all the characters and their circumstances that drew me in in the first place! It’s a page-turner with moments of warmth and suspense throughout. Loved it!

This book is great for a young adult trying to find their way with their family. It shows a great story about 5 sisters coming together on an adventure and coming out from the other end closer than ever. I will cover topics about family and growth and will definitely make you think about your own family.

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