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Summer Reign – The Demon Accords, Book 13, Audiobook Online By: John Conroe

Devil’s Pact, volume 13.

Faced with writing college essays, preparing for tests, and teaching unruly witches, Declan O’Carroll had enough on his plate.

Not to mention the magical retreat of leaving her own magical kingdom on Fairie. But when he and his friends are attacked by creatures beyond folklore and fables, it seems the Queen of Summer and Winter isn’t done with him yet. But if they’re eager to mess with Earth, maybe it’s time for Earth to come to them. After all, he has some lessons to teach.

In my opinion, this is the best book in the series, by far. I will admit that I prefer delan stories and this is definitely a delan book. There have been a few times when I thought the book would leave you hanging, bored waiting for the next part, but no. John Conroe has done well for us readers/audiences. now, the book ends with an ending (sorry for the spoiler), but it’s kind of curious, not disappointing, similar to the snake eye’s ending.

Difficult to understand. What did Devline do to make people think he was insane or even did anything in the past to get the police or the FBI to react at first contact. The only reason they even detained him was because he was out at night in the dark.


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