Sunny/ Track, Book 3 – Free Full Audiobook

Sunny is the third book in the Track series by author Jason Reynolds.
Sunny manages to shine despite his troubled past in this third novel in the critically acclaimed Track series from National Book Award finalist Jason Reynolds.

The spectre. rust layer. Sunny. Lu. The four children come from completely different backgrounds, with personalities that explode in conflict. They were also four kids selected to the elite junior high school athletics team that could help them qualify for the Junior Olympics. They all have much to lose, but they all have much to prove, not only to each other but to themselves. Sunny is the main character in this novel, the third of four in Jason Reynolds’ gripping high school series.

Always ready with a goofy smile and good things to say, Sunny is the coolest guy on the Defenders. But Sunny’s life wasn’t always as bright as the rays of the sun. You see, Sunny is a killer. Or at least that’s what he thinks of me. His mother died giving birth to him, and based on how Sunny’s dad treated him – ignoring him, causing Sunny to call him Darryl, never “Dad” – it’s no wonder that Sunny thinks he’s the one to blame. It seemed the only thing Sunny could do in his father’s eyes was win first place in the mile race, just like his mother did. But Sunny doesn’t like to run, never has. So he stopped. Right in the middle of the race.

His relationship with his father is now worse than ever, the last thing Sunny wants to do is leave the other newcomers – his only friends – behind. You can’t join an athletics team and not run. So Coach asked Sunny what he wanted to do. Sunny’s answer? Dance. Yes, dance. But you also can’t join an athletics and dance team. Then, in the genius of genius that only Jason Reynolds could have imagined, Sunny discovers a track event that is a combination of hip-hop hard hits, ballet precision and the whole show dance: the discus throw. When Sunny practices discus throwing, knowing when to let go at the right time, he’ll let go of everything that’s been eating away at him inside, perhaps at the right time.

I love reading about Lu. He’s a kid with a lot to unpack, but still very happy. I love that he keeps his diary and we get to see his real thoughts and feelings.

Our kids are homeschooled, so it’s exciting to read about a child doing the same.

I also love how the author and narrator talk at the end of the book (audiobook) about how they were also considered weird when they were younger and how they were friends in real life, in addition to being author and actor/ singer/narrator. They hope that this book will inspire young children and parents to be themselves; weird and free.

Again! He did it again! Left we want more! I love his characters, emotional integrity and plot development! I want to read the next one ASAP! The voices come alive. Conflicts are universal. My son and I read the book aloud to each other. It’s a great bonding time! We laughed out loud as well as more emotions.

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