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Swan Peak – Dave Robicheaux, Book 17, Audiobook Online By: James Lee Burke

James Lee Burke’s new novel, Swan Peak, finds detective Robicheaux far from his new Iberian roots, trying to relax in the unspoiled wilderness of rural Montana.

He, his wife and friend Clete Purcell have retired to stay at an old friend’s ranch, hoping to spend the day fishing and enjoying the distance from the harsh, gritty scenery of Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina.
But the peace is soon shattered when two college students are found brutally murdered on the hill behind where the Robicheauxs and Purcells are staying. They quickly find themselves involved in a dangerous and complicated mystery involving a wealthy, evil oil tycoon, his deformed brother, and his beautiful wife, a misguided minister, a sex offender, an escaped con man and former country star, and a bloodthirsty Texas vigilante.

At the center of the storm is Clete, who cannot shake the feeling that she is haunted by ghosts from her past – namely Sally Dio, the gang boss he has destroyed and killed many last year.

In this gripping, expertly drawn story, Burke deftly weaves intricate, compelling plots and unique, compelling characters with his uniquely graceful prose. He crosses the line again in the latest thrilling addition to the New York Times best-selling series.

Burke does it again. I love the way the reader, Patton, builds the characters and helps the listeners get into the story and each character. I was really entertained. Burke seemed to paint a visual picture by writing that made me feel like I was visiting the place as the story was being told. Great book!

Swan Peak is a refreshing change to this series and I really like it. Burke’s rich descriptions make you feel like you’re there, you can hear Clark Fork Creek as he describes. I love this particular cast of characters and I love the ending. It’s nice to have other “good people” in this story to tie it up with Clete and Dave.

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