Sword Of Kings The Last Kingdom Series Book 12 – Audiobook Online

Sword Of Kings – The Last Kingdom Series, Book 12, Audiobook Online By: Bernard Cornwell

England fell into turmoil as the Vikings and the Saxons fought for territory. There were rumors about the King’s fatal illness, and the country was waiting for an heir.

A fierce clash at sea forced the warlord Uhtred to lead his men from Northumbrian fortress to London and into the eye of the storm. For the two kings claimed the throne was empty and that a new kingdom could not be born without bloodshed.

Uhtred’s sword will cause one king to die and the other to win. But sometimes it’s hard to know God’s will.

There’s only one problem with Bernard Cornwell’s books, they leave you wanting more! The fine detail and character development is impeccable, I was moved by his words in the Afterword, that our UTHRED hero will be there at the time of British reunification.

Excellent as always. I can’t help but think back to the younger Utred and compare it to the older ones. He is still formidable despite his weakened body. This book shows that his greatest strength is in his cunning and determination.

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