Taboo Unchained – Online Audiobook

Taboo Unchained – Online Audiobook By: C.M. Stunich

Taboo turned me on.

Dirty. Dirty. Discomfort.

The man your mother – the king warned you about – is me.

Keep your panties, ladies.

Lucas Carter is here to show you the dark side of bed sheets.

Warning: This is a dark romantic erotic – meaning lots of violence, sex, and emotionally disturbing inner dialogue. However, the main character does not kidnap or rape women. The entire book is told from his point of view. This story has murder, hard choices, and weird sex.

This book is purely fictitious and the sexual techniques described therein can be extremely dangerous. Listen to Lucas’s story to spice up your sex life, have some fun and watch a man swallowed up by darkness become a different person. Please do not perform any of the behaviors described in the instructions and always remember, safety first.

This is a fun, steamy, unusual story. Have an adventure, make it fun. The narrator’s amusing, captivating voice reminds me of Zachary Quinto. I will be looking for more books with this author/narrator combination.

Great! I don’t know what to say about this book. Not what I was expecting, but much better than anything I expected. I try not to give spoilers, but I can understand this guy, and especially the demon he carries inside. Sometimes squirming, sometimes screaming, sometimes throwing himself in a cage to be free. I hope this is not. Independently, there is so much here that could be told! Please CM follow up on this!

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