The Alice Network (Full Audibook) A Novel By Kate Quinn

Kate Quinn takes us back to the era of the World War as we begin to listen about the Alice network. The story tells us about two women with different tasks in life but by nature have one thing in common i.e determination.

One is a female spy and the second one is looking for her cousin whom she lost in 1947. Charlie the one who is looking for her cousin is with a little problem of her own as well because of which she is thrown out of her house.

She is pregnant without being married and that’s why her parents force her to get the issue eradicated but instead, she searches for her cousin sister. Eve, on the other hand, the American spy is the master of changing appearances all the time.

Sadly the Alice network faces a tragedy and Eve’s whole past life and original identity is gone forever. Kate has really invested a lot of her mind in creating the aftermath in the story and this is where the real suspense begins. We suddenly find a much older woman in Eve when we are told that thirty years are now passed and Eve lives in a drunken condition trying to forget all about the past.

The dramatic twist really touches our hearts when Saskia Maarleveld, the narrator’s voice tells us that Alice Network is still needed and there are secrets to be unlocked that caused its failure. The women have some common things when compared by the characters involved in The Huntress and Mistress of Rome but the plot is totally different.

The story also takes some time in order to reach to the climax but this is due to the fact that the story has to portions one is historical and the second is fictional.

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