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The Ambushers – Matt Helm, Book 6, Audiobook Online By: Donald Hamilton

A silent assassination mission costs nothing for legendary agent Matt Helm – until a beautiful foreign agent he never completed lures him into a strange journey.

In the wilds of northern Mexico. And when a Russian missile gets out of Cuba, it ends up in the hands of a political fanatic very close to home.

Originally released in the era of James Bond novels, Matt Helm’s novel is considered to be better and more realistic than Bond, earning critical acclaim and an avid audience. This sixth installment in the series is a gripping adventure that balances action and comedy.

You know, Matt Helm’s books are a bit old-fashioned, sexist, archaic writing, reflecting that period. When kept in context, these are interesting books about secret agents, and I love the audiobook versions that are done very well. Matt Helm takes the trouble and analyzes everything from his successes to his mistakes. This makes for an interesting story along with all the excitement.

I really enjoyed listening to all the books in this series. The Ambushers feels different from the previous books. The story moves quickly and doesn’t disappoint. Classic spy stories told with emotionless clarity. Timeless, cold war antics and non-stop action.

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