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The Bell Jar chronicles Esther Greenwood’s success: brilliant, beautiful, incredibly talented and a fading success – possibly for the last time. Sylvia Plath masterfully draws the reader into Esther’s downfall with such intensity that Esther’s insanity becomes completely real and even plausible, an experience that is both probable and relatable. It’s like going to the movies. Such penetration into the dark and painful corners of the soul is an extraordinary achievement and has made The Bell Jar a haunting American classic.

Well written, excellent performance.

Maggie Gyllenhaal captures the depressed nature of Sylvia Plath in her stellar performance in The Bell Jar. The story delivers what appears to be a raw and profoundly personal story of one’s gradual descent into mental illness and the struggle to break free from its grip and the social stigma that accompanies it. . Reading this book, you feel as if you are inside the mind of a “crazy” person, and learn just how rational – and even sane – insanity can be.

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