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The Bleed Rupture / The Bleed, Book 1, Audiobook Online By: Mark TufoChris PhilbrookDavid Moody

The first book in a new series spanning worlds and ages. A war is raging between gods and demons, with an unstoppable transdimensional terror – THE BLEED – destroying everything it touches.

From ancient alien civilizations to present-day London, to deep space and beyond, nothing and no one is safe. The Bleed wants the flesh. It wants to destroy life. It wants to be worshipped.

London: next week.
Bleed is tense at the edge of reality and God has come to help Earth rise up against the demons from the outside, but it will come to a scared child to save the entire planet from a bloody fate.

Moon: sometime in the future.
The secret mission to colonize the moon is Earth’s last chance. The mission is going well, until the brand new technology used to run the colony begins to mysteriously fail. Will the survivors of Earth’s civil war get caught up in a larger conflict without their knowledge?

Another world: another time.
The gods of this world left to fight Bleed. War breaks out on the horizon, at the edge of this reality. One morning there was shouting at the shore and the red tide came. Bleed’s battle against the monsters is no longer a forgotten history, it is happening now.

I have listened to several of Tufo’s books. I’m trying to get anything out of the other storytellers’ performances, but this really sold the story for me. Thanks to all the writers and everyone involved in this book…. Now I’m really nervous for the next book.

Let me start off by saying that mark tufo, chris philbrook and moody david are on my list of favorite authors, but i’ve always been nervous about collaborations. However, this book is absolutely amazing, all the stories are interesting and its writing makes you wait for the next book. Well done guys.

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