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The Boy In The Field / A Novel, Audiobook Online By: Margot Livesey

The New York Times bestselling author of Gemma Hardy’s Flight delivers yet another “bright, unforgettable, and perfectly executed” (Dennis Lehane) novel – a poignant and full of psychological drama.

The exploratory plot follows the lives of three siblings after a violent incident. criminal.

One afternoon in September 1999, teenagers Matthew, Zoe, and Duncan Lang were walking home from school when they discovered a young boy lying in a field, covered in blood and unconscious. Thanks to their intervention, the boy’s life was saved. After that, all three siblings were irrevocably changed.

Matthew, the oldest, is obsessed with tracking down the attacker, secretly searching the local town with the victim’s brother. Zoe wandered the streets of Oxford, watching the men, and one of them, a visiting American graduate student, looked back. Duncan, the youngest, who rarely thought about being adopted, suddenly decided he wanted to find his biological mother. Overwhelming all three is the realization that something is wrong with their parents’ marriage. Throughout the fall, as each sibling confronts the complexities and contradictions of approaching adulthood, they find themselves instantly drawn to each other and alienated.

Written with deceiving simplicity and the power of an allegory, The Boy in the Field reveals Margot Livesey’s unparalleled ability to “tell her story masterfully, with intelligence.” intelligence, tenderness, and a keen understanding of all our fickle human impulses” (Lily King, author of Happiness).

This is the story of a discovery that drives two brothers and their sister to take risks, to approach and challenge themselves from the safe place of love that is their family. Beautifully written and read, it’s a reassuring tonic for tough times.

I recommend this book to others of all ages. It speaks to the inner turmoil of youth, the facing of reality, the joys and sorrows of friendship, the importance of encouraging others, and the family’s primacy.

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