The Call of the Wild and Free – Audiobook Online

  • The Call of the Wild and Free

  • Reclaiming the Wonder in Your Child’s Education, A New Way to Homeschool
  • By: Ainsley Arment
  • Narrated by: Piper Goodeve

Allow your child to experience the adventure, freedom and wonder of childhood with this practical guide that provides all the information, inspiration and advice you need to create an education at Modern, quality home.

Inspired by the spirit of Henry David Thoreau—”All good things are wild and free”—mother of five Ainsley Arment founded Wild + Free. This growing online community of moms and families wants their children to receive a quality education at home by challenging their intellectual abilities and cultivating curiosity, fun and their fear—the essence of a positive childhood.

The homeschooling methods of previous generations are gone — including the stigma of socially awkward children, conservative clothing, and the classroom setting replicated in the home. The Wild + Freedom Movement focuses on love of nature, reading good books, pursuing hobbies and interests, making the whole world a classroom and prolonging the magic of childhood, a philosophy fascination is unpacked in this audiobook.

The Call of the Wild and Freedom offers positive advice, information, and encouragement to parents considering homeschooling, who are currently looking for inspiration, as well as parents who are looking for inspiration. Parents, educators, and carers want additional resources to enhance their child’s traditional education.

Great book! I love how the author explains the values of homeschooling. As a mother who did not teach at home, this book brought a clear understanding of the world of homeschooling and it rekindled the passion for learning. I would definitely recommend this book to everyone, who are trying to understand homeschooling, homeschoolers & those starting their journey to homeschooling. This book is very rich!

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