The Couple Next Door

The Couple Next Door is a suspenseful and engaging novel by author Shari Lapena. This is the story of a young couple and their neighbors, a roller coaster ride, their lies, betrayals and secrets. A story that leaves you breathless until the very end.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: The Couple Next Door audiobook by RueRue

Plot twist overload

So, yes, this is a page turner, but the plot twists are so numerous that the plot becomes overwhelmed by the next “surprise”, and the outcome is almost predictable. As for characterization, it’s non-existent. Entertaining but shallow.

Review 2: The Couple Next Door audiobook by Wendi

Not What I Was Expecting

‘The Couple Next Door’ can be most likened to the movie ‘Fargo.’ If anyone has read this book, and watched ‘Fargo’ they will know immediately what I am referencing. The only difference is that Fargo was more straightforward, which ‘The Couple Next Door’ is filled with plot turns and twists that make the book a little far fetched.

The story has been told a hundred times before. We have a rich older couple with a beloved daughter. Daddy doesn’t like the man she chooses to marry. The husband despises Daddy and his pompous arrogance. Both father and son despise each other but try and get along for daughter and wife, respectively. But ugly, horrible things happen behind the scenes that are unspeakable, and family secrets begin to eat away at all people involved.

When Cora, baby girl and granddaughter gets kidnapped, the whole family must come together and do all they can to get her back. Lapena takes her readers on a wild ride to find the kidnapper and see what’s become of baby Cora.

he Couple Next Door kept my attention. The characters.. ALL of them.. are fairly despicable but I think this is the author’s plan. Not liking the characters allows the reader to accept the unusual plot turns as inevitably, the author’s message is that no matter what the circumstance, people are personally flawed, self-serving, and always looking out primarily for themselves.

Worth the credit? Yes. Have I listened to better? Absolutely.


Review 3: The Couple Next Door audiobook by ngreen

Mixed emotions.

I really enjoyed the story line, although it was annoying to listen to. …Anna says, …Marco says, …Hasback says, Anna says, Marco replies, says Hasback… if the narrator could have stayed in the correct character, all the he said she said could have been eliminated it was really frustrating and annoying. Half way through I considered not continuing, however, I am partly glad I did because the I enjoy a good mystery. Again the plot was good and I really enjoyed the ending, although it was a bit predictable. But i did struggle to listen at times.

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