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In The Fourth Voyage of Sinbad, Sinbad sets sail once again and ends up on an island with a giant egg. The egg hatches into a bird so big that Sinbad can ride on its back. As he explores the island, Sinbad discovers that the bird’s feathers are worth a lot of money. He harvests some of them, but the bird is so upset that it flies him to a mountain and drops him off. Sinbad then meets a group of people who live in caves in the mountain. They tell him about a valley of diamonds and give him a piece of meat to throw at the diamond eagles that guard the valley. Sinbad follows their instructions, gets some diamonds, and then makes his way back to his ship.

The Fourth Voyage Of Sinbad – Audiobook Online By: Storynory

The next night, there was partying and fun again inside Sinbad the Merchant’s house. He said to the porter with the same name as himself:


“You see around you that my house is bright and filled with joy and laughter. When you’ve heard the story of my fourth trip, you’ll know that to reach this state of happiness, I had to crawl through a place more grim than living.”

Again I went down to the port of Basrah and boarded a merchant ship. We sailed across the Strait of Hormuz and beyond. As before, we sail from place to place for quick and profitable business. Then one day, when the wind blew against us, the captain dropped anchor and the ship stopped, fearing it would sink in the middle of the ocean.

Afterwards, we all prayed and humbled ourselves before the Most High, but as we did this we were met with a fierce gale that tore the sails to shreds. The mooring line broke and the ship rolled back and forth until we were thrown overboard with the cargo and all.


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