The Gathering Storm

Robert Jordan failed to complete the series because of his sudden death but Brandon Sanderson did well by taking help from the notes that he left and thus wrote the concluding chapters in an awesome way. This one is from the same category but no change can be felt in the writing style or the presentation of the characters. The fantasy once again goes on in the same voices of Michael Kramer and Kate Reading. A great thing that we observe in Brandon is that he never tried to end the fantasy in haste the calm development is still on.

The novel starts from the reunion of the empires or what is left of them and the step is once again taken by the dragon reborn. Rand still has a hope in his heart that he and the rest that is left can get the job done. The alliance seems to be a natural one as everyone that has survived needs one another otherwise they too would be wiped out of the face of the earth. Aes Sedai is also under the control of the White Tower thus it’s an extra edge to Rand and his friends. They can finally know about the secrets of her society.

The threats of war and the few fight scenes at the start attaches this part with the previous parts like Knife of Dreams and Towers of Midnight. It was perhaps intentionally done by Brandon to give the feeling of continuation to this part. The writer also has not added any extra new pattern which has proved to be a good decision because the fans don’t like changes these days.

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