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The Hive Queen is the 12th book in the Wings of Fire series by Tui T. Sutherland. The story follows the journey of Cricket, a HiveWing who joins the LeafWings in their fight against the HiveWing Queen, Queen Wasp. The story is set after the war in which the SandWings and the SkyWings defeated Queen Scarlet. Cricket discovers that the LeafWings, a tribe that has been missing for centuries, still exist and are fighting against the HiveWings led by Queen Wasp. Cricket and her friends journey to the Poison Jungle to find the LeafWings and seek their help in defeating Queen Wasp. Along the way, Cricket learns about her family and the secrets behind her existence. The story is filled with action, adventure, family drama, and politics as the LeafWings and HiveWings clash. The characters face difficult decisions and have to balance their loyalties and ideologies. The book ends on a cliffhanger as the tension between the tribes continues to mount, setting the stage for the next book in the series.

The Hive Queen / Wings of Fire, Book 12, Audiobook Online By: Tui T. Sutherland

Growing up in a beehive, De Men always had millions of questions. Why are trees banned, even in art.

Why do her parents seem to hate her. And the biggest, most dangerous, and most secret question: Why is Cricket immune to the power of the Wasp Queen. Whenever the queen took control of all the HiveWings, speaking through their mouth and looking through their eyes, the Cricket had to hide for fear of being discovered.

Now she’s in hiding again, wanted for stealing the Book of Clearsight along with her new SilkWing friends, Blue and Swordtail, and the ferocious LeafWing, Sundew. The fugitives need answers and quick to stop a LeafWing attack.

But Cricket has more questions than ever. How can she stay hidden and uncover the queen’s most dangerous secret. And if she succeeds – can a helpless dragon really do anything to overthrow a regime and prevent war.

I love this book. This is one of my favorites. Cricket’s way of thinking is very interesting and funny. The way this book shows Blue’s kindness and Sundew’s anger is really good. Jewel hive has become one of my favorites. The narrator is amazing with the voiceover. The only thing I would change is the beginning. It’s a bit slow when they’re in the cave waiting for the blue to hatch from their cocoon but that’s understandable.

This is a very detailed book about my new favorite dragon in the series, Cricket. It has very nice details that really help you picture the story in your head, I would recommend this to all my family members and friends, obviously do 1 to 11 first but still , this story, the narrator, it’s all beautifully done. Good gob Tui and Shannon.

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