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“The Indwelling” is the seventh book in the “Left Behind” series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. It takes place after the Rapture, which saw the disappearance of all Christians and the rise of the Antichrist. In this book, the Antichrist, named Nicolae Carpathia, now has complete control over the world and is worshipped by most as a god. Meanwhile, the Tribulation Force, a group of Christians left behind after the Rapture, is continuing to fight against the Antichrist’s regime and help other non-believers find salvation. The book focuses on the arrival of the False Prophet, who becomes Carpathia’s right-hand man and performs many miracles, leading more people to follow them. Additionally, it explores the growing tensions between several characters, the revelation of a new traitor in the Force, and the significance of the Mark of the Beast.

In the book, there is also a subplot involving the character of Rayford Steele, who is struggling with his feelings and faith after losing his wife in the Rapture. He also finds himself in a dangerous situation when he becomes the pilot of a plane carrying the False Prophet. Additionally, the character of Hattie Durham, who was once Carpathia’s personal assistant, goes through some inner turmoil and makes a decision that changes her life. The novel ends with a shocking event that introduces a new element to the ongoing story and sets up the events for the next book in the series. Overall, “The Indwelling” continues the themes of faith, redemption, and the battle between good and evil that are present throughout the “Left Behind” series.

It’s been three and a half years since Rapture sent the bodies of innocents to Heaven. Prophecies foretold that this was the time when the seven-year Tribulation would become the Great Tribulation, with evil forces gripping humanity in preparation for the final battle. As the world mourns the death of a famous leader, the Tribulation Force searches for the next predicted sign that Satan will possess the Antichrist and raise him from the dead!

Creating a thrilling doomsday scenario on planet Earth, with the ultimate battle between good and evil unfolding, this series combines biblical prophecy with current events. Narrator Richard Ferrone delivers a suspenseful, suspenseful read to the action-packed sequel to a series that has captured the imaginations of people everywhere.

Must read if you are a student of the last period. Knowledge of prophecies in revelations and throughout the bible. These books cannot be put down.

You really have to read the entire series to get it all. It’s a great series (some of the books are a bit repetitive in some places to help you catch up but they’re at the beginning of the series. I recommend starting with the ‘prequel’ to help you out. got a better overview of the character Nicoale I think that’s the name of it but will have to search as it’s been a long time since I read it Overall a very good series explaining biblical prophecy, although it’s fictional, it starts with Rapture and continues until the end of Revelation.Some characters you never get to know because they’re not fully developed but others you become very familiar with. Movies made about this don’t do it fairly.

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