The Long Patrol – Redwall Book 9

The Long Patrol is the ninth adventure book in the Redwall series by author Brian Jacques. The content is about the evil Rapscallion Army that is threatening to tear down the walls of Redwall Abbey. Long Patrol’s brave hare and a team of stubborn forest creatures are the animals that stand in their way. Redwall has a young ammo, an inexperienced young rabbit eager for a great adventure. With lavish feasts and hearts lifted by stirring ballads, Tammo and his companions raise their swords in an intense battle for the future of their land. We invite you to watch this wonderful story unfold.

Brian Jacques manages the story around a main character with a number of related side stories. The characters are interesting and the characterization and interplay of Redwall Abby bring many a smile. Champions with care and fair play are always pitted against some merciless force of abuse and oppression that can be won by embracing courage, sacrifice, and wise counsel. The ferocious hares of the long patrol, introduced in the story of Redwall. The hares are the epitome of protective warriors willing to sacrifice their lives for the cause.If you like adventure, humor and the struggle between good and evil with the good guys winning, even though one or two of them have sacrificed their lives in the attempt.

When you read this series, you get some insight into the lives of the characters and the history behind the magnificent Redwall Abbey. The Long Patrol takes you to the life of the Three Young Masters. His journey into the famous Long Patrol with New Life, New Love.

All the books in the Redwall series, have stories suitable for both adults and children. How to act between friends and between enemies. You will be captivated by these stories. You won’t get bored with the stories and will listen to them over and over again.

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