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“The Moralist” is a biography of Woodrow Wilson, written by Patricia O’Toole. The book explores Wilson’s life and his vision of America as a moral leader of the world. Wilson, a deeply religious man, believed that the United States had a duty to promote democracy, free trade, and individual liberty around the globe. He pursued this goal through his foreign policy, which included the formation of the League of Nations, and through his domestic policies, such as the establishment of the Federal Reserve and the implementation of progressive reforms. O’Toole portrays Wilson as a complex figure, who was both idealistic and flawed. The book examines Wilson’s upbringing, his academic career, his political rise to the presidency, and his tumultuous presidency during World War I and its aftermath. Ultimately, “The Moralist” offers a nuanced and illuminating portrait of one of America’s most consequential presidents.

The Moralist – Audiobook Online By: Patricia O’Toole

By the author of the famous biographies of Theodore Roosevelt and Henry Adams, a poignant biography of one of the most highly intellectual, influential and controversial US presidents, Woodrow Wilson (1856- 1924).

The Moralist is a cautionary tale about the dangers of moral vanity and excessive American intervention in foreign affairs.

On domestic matters, Wilson was a radical who had achieved unprecedented success in leveling the economic playing field, but he was behind his time on racial equality and voting rights. of women. As a Southern boy during the Civil War, he knew the devastation of war, and as president he refused to lead the country into World War I until he came to believe that Germany is a direct threat to the United States.

Once committed, he was an admirable commander – in – chief, but he also presided over the fiercest crackdown on dissent in American history.

After the war, Wilson became the world’s most fervent supporter of liberal internationalism – a democratic new world order committed to peace, collective security, and free trade. With Wilson’s leadership, governments at the Paris Peace Conference of 1919 established the League of Nations, a federation of the world’s democracies. The founding of the Confederacy, Wilson’s last great victory, was quickly followed by two fatal blows: a crippling stroke and the rejection of the treaty allowing the United States to join the League.

Following the backlash against internationalism in the 1920s and 1930s, Wilson’s liberal internationalism was revived by Franklin D. Roosevelt, and it shaped American foreign relations – according to direction for better and worse – since then.

The clear and engaging discussion of America’s transformation from isolation to world power reveals a president yearning for world peace with a mysterious personality. There are too many details about feuds with the Senate and world leaders due to the minimal background of World War I fighting and no assessment of the 1918 flu pandemic. Great narrative with how Correct pronunciation of foreign names.

I am amazed at the magnitude of the research that has resulted in writing this remarkable, multi-layered biography of Woodrow Wilson. Ms. O’Toole used insightful and engaging insights from her personal diary and private letter. We were provided with insightful analyzes of the root causes of World War I and the catastrophic failures of postwar foreign policy. The author clearly sympathizes with Wilson’s “progressive” domestic policies but does not hesitate to point out Wilson’s failures in foreign affairs. Listening to this book on Audible helped me overcome the challenges of driving in Los Angeles. This is a book not to be missed.

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