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“The Myths We Live By” by Peter Cave is a thought-provoking and witty book that challenges our preconceived notions about various controversial issues. The book uses philosophical arguments to argue that many issues are more complicated than we often think. The author uses imaginative stories and anecdotes to dissect sacred cows of contemporary debates such as democracy, human rights, discrimination, and immigration. Cave offers a compelling resource to revitalize genuine public discourse and challenges accepted dogmas in the age of identity politics and “fake news”. If you are looking for an entertaining and educational read that can broaden your perspectives, this book is an essential pick.

“The Myths We Live By” is a refreshingly original take on philosophy and its application to contemporary issues. The author Peter Cave skillfully dismantles popular myths and uses counterexamples to reveal the flaws in our thinking and biases in our beliefs. This book serves as a reminder that unquestioned assumptions can limit progress and that critical thinking is essential to break free from them. Despite its critical stance toward commonly held beliefs, the book is not dry or academic, but rather playful and engaging, which is a testament to Cave’s engaging writing style. In short, this book is an ideal choice for anyone interested in exploring the depths of critical thinking and subjecting their beliefs to rigorous scrutiny.

In this witty and mischievous book, philosopher Peter Cave dissects today’s most controversial debates and uses philosophical reasoning to reveal that many issues are not as simple as they seem.

Leaving no sacred cow behind, Cave uses ingenious stories and examples to challenge our most solid assumptions. Is democracy inherently a good thing? What is the basis of the so-called human rights? Is discrimination always bad? Do we have a moral obligation to accept refugees?

In an age of identity politics and so-called ‘fake news’, this book is an essential resource for sparking real public debate – and a delightful challenge to the wisdom of the past. Accepted.

Philosopher Peter Cave’s witty and mischievous book delves into today’s most controversial debates, challenging our solid assumptions with philosophical reasoning and ingenious examples. From democracy to human rights, discrimination to moral obligations towards refugees, no sacred cow is left behind. It is an essential resource for sparking real public debate in an age of identity politics and fake news, and a delightful challenge to past wisdom.

This book is not only an enjoyable read but also a valuable test of arguments to protect our future in these disheartening times. It should be included as an essential document for all interested in political office.

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