The Red Pyramid – The Kane Chronicles Book 1

The Red Pyramid is the first science fiction book in the Kane Chronicles series by author Rick Riordan. The content of the story is about Percy Jackson who fought with the Greek gods. Currently, the gods of Egypt wake up in the modern world.. Carter and Sadie Kane’s father is an Egyptologist with a secret plan. An explosion shattered the ancient Rosetta Stone and released Set, the evil god of chaos.

Doctor Kane in a golden casket. To save their father, Carter and Sadie Kane embark on a mission from Cairo to Paris to the American Southwest. They uncover the truth about the family’s connection to the House of Life: a magical Egyptian temple that existed thousands of years ago. The pharaohs of ancient Egypt were far from dead and buried.

The main characters are siblings Carter and Sadie Kane, but were not raised in the traditional sense. Since the death of their mother, Sadie has lived with her grandparents, attending traditional schools. Carter was homeschooled and traveled the world with their father, Dr. Julius Kane, a renowned Egyptologist.

Dr Kane says he has a special visit planned to the British Museum. He blames himself for their mother’s death, and do people wonder if the experiment affected their deaths/
Things go horribly wrong, and instead of fixing things, Dr. Kane unleashes the Egyptian god Set; who immediately banished him into oblivion and forced the children to flee for their lives.
Sadie and Carter know that the Egyptian gods are awakening and have their eyes on Kanes.
This novel is action packed, full of historical references told by Sadie and Carter themselves.

The plot is full of action, drama and humor and the characters are well developed in the book. These are the best books by author Rick Riodans. The book speaks to a more prominent Egyptian myth in an interesting way.
The story is about two siblings (Carter and Sadie) who are both descendants of two pharoh bloodlines. The two must save the world from the evil god Set and save their father there.

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