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“The Right Swipe” is a novel by Alisha Rai that follows Rhiannon Hunter, a successful dating app creator who is determined to win back the love of her life. The story is narrated by Summer Morton and Brian Pallino, who bring to life the perspectives of both Rhiannon and her love interest, Samson Lima. After being ghosted by Samson, Rhiannon is focused on growing her business, but is drawn back into the world of dating when she meets a charming former football player, who she hopes will invest in her app. As Rhiannon navigates the complex world of modern dating and relationships, she discovers that there may be more to life than just work and success. Morton and Pallino capture the nuances of Rai’s writing, bringing the witty banter and emotional depth of the characters to life. They portray both Rhiannon and Samson with sensitivity and authenticity, highlighting their fears, insecurities, and struggles as they navigate their past and present relationships.

“The Right Swipe” is a modern romantic comedy that explores the complexities of love, career, and identity in the digital age. Through Rhiannon’s journey, Rai offers a thoughtful commentary on the intersection of technology and dating, as well as the importance of self-discovery and acceptance in finding true happiness.

Alisha Rai is back with the first book in her gripping new Modern Love series, in which two rival dating app creators see each other in the boardroom but are in sync in the bedroom.

Rhiannon Hunter may have revolutionized romance in the digital world, but in real life, she’s just skimming her career — and the occasional connection. The cynical dating app creator controls her love life with a few key rules:

  • Nude photo by invitation only
  • If someone supports you, block them with extreme prejudice
  • Protect your heart
  • There just aren’t any rules governing her attraction to her latest match, former professional soccer player Samson Lima. The sexy and seemingly sweet guy flirted with her on a magical night… then disappeared.

Rhi thought she buried her pain when Samson haunted her, until he suddenly appeared a few months later, still tall, still beautiful – and allied with a business rival. He says he won’t fumble for their second chance, but she’s wary. A temporary physical partnership is one thing, but a fusion of hearts? Surely that’s too much of a risk….

This is a great contemporary romance and I really appreciate the variety of characters but I’m a bit disappointed that the narrator for Rhiannon is not a Black woman. I’m not sure why this choice was made and Summer Morton did a great job, but the story and characters feel less authentic. It also makes the importance of having a Black woman as the protagonist and having a crush on something tainted. On the other hand, I loved the book and really appreciated this modern love story! Wish I had read it instead of listening to the audiobook.

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