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“The Rise of the Underworld” by Meg Xuemei X is the first book in the “Of Shadows and Fire” series. It follows the story of Rena, a young woman living in a world where magic is forbidden and those who possess it are hunted down. Rena is a rare kind of magic user known as an elemental mage, and after she is captured by the authorities, she meets a group of rebels who seek to overthrow the corrupt government that oppresses those with magical abilities.

Rena becomes involved in their cause and discovers that she has a powerful role to play in their fight against tyranny. As she trains to master her magic and develop her skills as a warrior, she also grapples with her own identity and struggles to understand her place in the world.

As the rebellion gains momentum and Rena’s powers continue to grow, she must navigate dangerous alliances and enemy forces that threaten both her and her new comrades. Along the way, she uncovers dark secrets about her past and her family that could change everything she thought she knew about herself and the world around her.

Overall, “The Rise of the Underworld” is a thrilling and action-packed novel that blends magic, politics, and personal growth in a richly imagined world.

The Rise Of The Underworld / Of Shadows and Fire, Book 2, Audiobook Online By: Meg Xuemei X

Finale in the Duet Of Shadows and Fire.

“My partner’s blood is also in my blood,” he whispered, his face contorted with male restraint and pure lust. “My control is slipping.”

“Should I run?” I growled. “Perhaps you should run.”

“There’s nowhere to run, for both of us,” he promised darkly.

I can’t forgive his betrayal, but my body responds to his call to mate.

The dirty truth about my fourth mate, a monk demigod, left me to the bone.

To prevent the apocalypse on Earth, he kidnapped me and sent me to Hell. There, I grew up as a warrior slave and trained to fight the Dark Lord.

I don’t care how hard he worked to see me off, the woman he treasured most. I don’t feel sorry when his heart bleeds for me every second of every day. He took away my inheritance and the right to decide my own destiny.

I swear I’ll never forgive him, even if he finally comes to take me home, even as he fights by my side with my other immortal lovers.

Yet my body craved his every hot touch and refused to refuse my destined mate.

This full-length harem fantasy romance contains brutal battles, explicit love scenes, curses, magic, darkness, vampires, teleporters, demigods, fallen angels and lots of damn demons.

The sequel to book 1 is seemingly endless, with nonstop action and steamy interludes, and can’t be put down! I liked the link to the previous series ‘The First Wizard’, but the situation with Merlin feels unfinished whether there will be book 3 or another series. This is a great book, with great characters and great narration. I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

The Rise of the Underworld is an epic journey of survival and endurance facing the Calamity, aka the Queen of the Underworld, aka Princess Ayanna and her Alpha male friends her ferocity. I really hope we are lucky enough to have Volume 3 to enjoy.

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