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The Shadow of What Was Lost is a gripping epic fantasy novel, the first in a trilogy by James Islington. The story follows a group of young people who are drawn into a world of political intrigue and supernatural powers. At the heart of the story is Davian, a young man who discovers that he has a rare and dangerous gift – the ability to manipulate a mysterious power known as the Augurs. As Davian learns to control his powers, he becomes embroiled in a complex plot involving ancient prophecies, magical artifacts, and powerful enemies. The worldbuilding in this novel is rich and detailed, with a complex history and mythology that sets the stage for the high-stakes conflict. Islington does an excellent job of balancing action, intrigue, and character development, creating a narrative that is both exciting and emotionally engaging. The characters are well-drawn, with Davian and his friends standing out as particularly relatable and sympathetic. The narration by Michael Kramer is expertly done, with his deep and resonant voice lending an epic quality to the story. Overall, The Shadow of What Was Lost is an excellent start to what promises to be a fantastic trilogy. Fans of epic fantasy will find much to enjoy in this complex, exciting, and emotionally satisfying novel.

It has been 20 years since the war ended. The tyrannical Augurs, once considered quasi-gods, were overthrown and wiped out in the conflict, their fearsome powers mysteriously failing them. The rulers under them, men and women with lesser abilities known as the Gift, only avoided the fate of the Augurs by submitting to the Four Principles of Rebellion.

The expression of these laws is now inscribed in the flesh of anyone using the Gift, subject to absolute observance by those marked as such. As a student of Gifted, Davian suffered the consequences of a war – and defeat – before he was even born. Scorned by most people outside the school’s walls, he and those around him are prisoners as they try to learn how to control the Gift. Worse still, as Davian struggled with his lessons, he knew he would fall even further if he couldn’t pass the final exam. But when he discovers he has the ability to use the forbidden powers of Augurs, he begins a chain of events that will change everything.

In the north, an ancient enemy, long thought defeated, began to stir. And in the west, a young man whose fate is intertwined with Davian wakes up in the woods covered in blood and has no memory of who he is….

This novel is wonderful. There are plenty of revelations while also teasing enough to leave you wanting more. There are compelling characters and although the setting isn’t overly descriptive the story does a good job of giving it some realism. My only complaint is that the villains lack motivation and some of the actions are not depicted as I would have liked. I’m excited to continue the series.

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