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“The Shepherd’s Crown” by Terry Pratchett is the final book in the Discworld series and follows the story of Tiffany Aching, a young witch who must take on the daunting task of becoming the new leader of the witches after the passing of Granny Weatherwax. As she struggles to find her own place in the world of magic and leadership, she must also contend with a new and dangerous enemy that threatens both the witches and the entire Discworld. Along the way, Tiffany receives help and guidance from familiar characters such as Nanny Ogg and the Wee Free Men. The audiobook version is narrated by Stephen Briggs, who has narrated many of Pratchett’s works and brings the characters and the world of Discworld to life with his expressive and vibrant voice.

Terry Pratchett’s last Discworld novel and the fifth book about the witch Tiffany Aching.

First, I’m glad it’s a Discworld story. I love everything Pratchett has written himself or collaborated with others. But—like most of his readers, I suspect—I love Discworld. I admire its thousands of actors, many of whom have become old friends.

Second, I’m glad it’s Tiffany Aching’s story. The first Aching novel I read was “A Hat Full of Sky.” I didn’t realize it took place in Discworld. It seemed to exist in the vast expanse of the High Chalk, covered by the endless blue sky and not connected to anything else. I fell in love with Tiffany. And I absolutely love stories about other witches. I like the idea of witchcraft as a profession. I love that witches serve the needs of their community, not for profit, but because someone has to. I like the fact that they don’t often use magic in the performance of their missions, but often apply common sense, a deep understanding of humanity’s weaknesses and — not uncommonly — threats. You don’t have to really turn someone into a toad if they truly believe deeply that you’ll make it if they’re overdone. I like the tension between tough old witches like Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg and the New Age witches with their jingle amulets and sparkly dresses.

The story is about what happens when people band together to fight for a cause. Traditional adversaries become allies. Strong becomes stronger. And Tiffany really became a witch. Other than that, I won’t make any disclosures.

Is “Shepherd’s Crown” Pratchett’s Best Discworld Novel? No, not in my opinion. However, I am absolutely certain that this is the best novel in any language or genre written by a man who is dying of a nasty form of Alzheimer’s disease. I’m sure he’s had a lot of help here, but it’s Pratchett’s voice and spirit that shines throughout the story. It was his last love letter to humanity, and his final advice to us to behave like witches — practical, wise, kind when asked, and tough. when not, take on the burden of service because it is the right thing to do. “The Shepherd’s Crown” summarizes what Terry Pratchett has long been trying to tell us: “Do the right thing.”

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