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The Synchronicity War Part 4 – The Synchronicity War, Book 4, Audiobook Online By: Dietmar Wehr

The gratuitous war with Sogas has reached its climax. More than a hundred Sogas ships appear to be headed for Earth, and the Space Force has no means of stopping them.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the Nightmare Insects will reach Earth orbit within a few months to finish off the survivors of Sogas’ impending attack. Admiral Victor Shiloh, Commander Amanda Kelly, and Valkyrie will have to make some heartbreaking decisions if humanity is to have any chance of avoiding extinction in the final chapter of this Synchronized War story.

Although the book was a bit confusing in the middle, it worked out well. I shouted in anger and joy. I felt myself shed tears of sadness. My heart was pulled in all directions. Thanks so much for such a great book and series.

Enjoyed the whole plot despite some “technological” jargon. The narrator’s good expression is meant to distinguish individuals from one another and give them individual personalities. Looking forward to something more towards the end. Anticlimax is small for that part. But in the end. An interesting listen and rarely monotonous at times.

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