The Throne of Fire – The Kane Chronicles Book 2

The Throne of Fire is the second novel in the Kane Chronicles series by author Rick Riordan. The book is narrated by Joseph May and Jane Collingwood. The content of the book is about the gods of ancient Egypt roaming the modern world, Carter Kane and his sister Sadie are in big trouble.

They Are Descendants of the magical House of Life with certain powers. The fearsome enemy – Apophis, the giant serpent of chaos – is on the rise. If Carter and Sadie don’t destroy Apophis, the world will end in 5 days. In order to fight the forces of chaos, they must resurrect the sun god Ra—unprecedented by a magician. They must first find the three parts of the Book of Ra in the world, must learn to chant its spells.
Will Kanes be able to destroy Apophis, before he devours the sun and destroys the Earth?

Here are some comments from readers to better understand this good audiobooks:

01- The Egyptian gods are alive and have used some humans as hosts. Carter and Sadie Kane are descendants of two pharaohs. They are currently living at Brooklyn House or 21 Nome of the House of Life with their uncle Amos to learn old ways with magic.

Apophis is on the rise and all Nome must work together to stop him. Everyone will help or hinder the plan and track down Kane.

02- The plot is fantasy, the main characters including Carter and Sadie Kane are very suitable for young people. Sadie goes through many typical pre-teen emotions, falling in love with boys in awkward moments. Carter is a typical shaggy little brother, whose sibling affection competes healthyly with his sister, while certainly falling in love. It’s one of those rare children’s books that even adults can enjoy!

03 -In this book you will be taken on a magical trip of History and Imagination. Content related to two main characters Sadie and Carter are estranged siblings. The author has interwoven Egyptian History with complex imaginary scenes. The book and lots of Ancient Egypt Facts will make you think and feel interesting while reading it.

04- Rick Riordan takes you on another whirlwind adventure after the adventures of Sadie and Carter Kane. It’s Egyptian Mythology meets the 21st century! From a retired sun god who doesn’t want to be reawakened to a mob of divided gods who either do or don’t want Ra to be reawakened, the action never stops. Don’t miss the second installment of The Throne of Fire in this gripping Kane Chronicles series.

05- Sadie and Carter return to Brooklyn, NY and train new recruits to prepare to stop Apophis from rising. They are joined by a few old friends, including the baboon Khufu, and some new friends, as they seek to find him and bring him back to the living world. The Egyptian gods are about to succeed and some are trying to stop Sadie and Carter from succeeding.

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