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The Village of Noobtown is the second book in the Noobtown series written by Ryan Rimmel. This book continues the story of Jim, a former marine who finds himself transported to a fantasy world filled with magic and monsters. In this installment, Jim has established his own village called Noobtown and is working to build it up into a thriving community.
The story picks up where the first book left off, with Jim and his companions facing new challenges and adventures. As the mayor of Noobtown, Jim must make important decisions to ensure the growth and prosperity of his village. He faces various obstacles, including rival factions, dangerous creatures, and political intrigue.
One of the main focuses of The Village of Noobtown is the development of Noobtown itself. Jim works tirelessly to improve the infrastructure and economy of his village, attracting new residents and businesses. He also establishes alliances with neighboring villages and forms a defense force to protect against external threats.
Throughout the book, Jim continues to level up his character and gain new abilities. He explores dungeons, battles powerful enemies, and discovers rare loot. The game – like mechanics of the fantasy world are an integral part of the story, adding an element of strategy and progression.
In addition to the action – packed adventures, The Village of Noobtown also delves into the personal relationships and growth of its characters. Jim forms deep bonds with his companions and faces emotional challenges as he navigates his new life in this unfamiliar world.
Overall, The Village of Noobtown is an exciting continuation of the Noobtown series. It combines elements of fantasy, gaming, and adventure to create a compelling story filled with humor, action, and heartwarming moments.

The Village Of Noobtown / Noobtown, Book 2, Audiobook Online By: Ryan Rimmel

Yes, it could be better. Jim and his literal shoulder demon have survived, so far, in toothed leather.

After finding a startup village that had long been abandoned, Jim began the process of rebuilding his town. Unfortunately for our favorite adventurer, the threats he faces are much more complex than mere monsters. Poor Noob has to deal with angry townspeople, trade negotiations and a talking badger.

With goblins and bandits also sniffing around, will Noobtown – I mean Windfall – survive?

What a great follow – up to the first book. I love it when the second book in the series is just as mesmerizing as the first book. Jim is up to more shenanigans. Discovering a random spell scroll on a dead goblin he learns his first spell, whereupon Jim can now throw fart spells at the enemy . Jim also needs to set up a trade route which will bring in some much -needed funds for the village occupants. But first the route has to be cleared of monsters and bandits. And how could I forget Badger Lord a honey badger, a pet companion that actually thinks Jim is his pet… I seriously love this pig headed companion, that don’t give no eff’.

I enjoyed Mayor Noobtown, found Jim to be an interesting MC and Shart a great image if that character at the party no one wanted. The humor is great, many times I find myself giggling at the dialogue or conversation. Noobtown Village increases all to 50. Shart gets even more unbearable and amusing with her punishments, a new member is added to the group who is totally amusing and funny…oh boy. I laughed at many times, not giggling, giggling or giggling. Laugh. The world is built on even more things, giving us new places and people for Jim to deal with as well as more headaches about how world mechanics work. If you like Mayor Noobtown, then I cannot recommend Noobtown Village enough. Take out your wallet, buy a copy and enjoy.

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