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The Winglets Quartet is a series of four short stories written by Tui T. Sutherland, set in the world of the Wings of Fire book series. These stories serve as prequels to the main series and provide additional background information on some of the key characters.

The first story in the quartet is “Prisoners.” It follows the journey of Fierceteeth, one of the dragonets of destiny who was raised in the SkyWing prison. Fierceteeth, along with her fellow prisoners, Starflight and Flame, escape from their captivity and embark on a dangerous adventure to find their true homes.

The second story is titled “Assassin.” It focuses on Deathbringer, a NightWing assassin who is sent on a mission to kill Glory, one of the dragonets of destiny. However, Deathbringer finds himself torn between his loyalty to his tribe and his growing affection for Glory.

The third story is called “Deserter.” It revolves around Six-Claws, a SandWing soldier who becomes disillusioned with the war between the SandWings and IceWings. He decides to desert his tribe and embarks on a journey to find peace and a new purpose in life.

The final story in the quartet is “Runaway.” It follows the perspective of Foeslayer, an IceWing princess who falls in love with a NightWing named Prince Arctic. Foeslayer’s forbidden love leads her to make a difficult decision that will have far-reaching consequences for both tribes.

Throughout The Winglets Quartet, readers gain insight into the motivations and backstories of these characters. The stories explore themes such as loyalty, love, friendship, and the struggle between personal desires and duty.

Everyone knows the stories. . . But does anyone know the truth? Fierceteeth, a NightWing haunted by what could have been – and should have been. Deathbringer, eager to prove himself as the next great NightWing assassin. Six-Claws, a loyal SandWing who will soon learn that loyalty comes with a price. Foeslayer the NightWing, a dragon in love turned kidnapper, and the Arctic Prince of the IceWings, a captive runaway. In these four short stories, delve deeper into the world of Pyrrhia to discover what really happened.

This was a great, quick read! I also liked the introduction to Darkstalker at the end, I LOVED the book Darkstalker, so of course I liked it. My favorite story outside of the trailer is definitely the first story, The Prisoner. It’s so good (won’t spoil it, but the way it’s written is amazing).

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