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Ben Rhodes’ book “The World as It Is” is a memoir that chronicles his experiences as a White House advisor during the Obama administration. The book provides a behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of the White House, including the decision-making processes and the interactions between the President and his staff.

The book is divided into three parts: “The Education of a President,” “The Education of an Adviser,” and “The Education of a World.” In the first part, Rhodes discusses how President Obama’s background and experiences shaped his approach to politics and foreign policy. In the second part, Rhodes describes his own journey from a young political activist to a senior advisor in the White House. In the third part, Rhodes reflects on the challenges and opportunities of the Obama administration, including the Arab Spring, the Iran nuclear deal, and the ongoing conflicts in Syria and Ukraine.

Throughout the book, Rhodes emphasizes the importance of empathy and understanding in international relations, and he critiques the “warrior culture” of American foreign policy. He also provides a nuanced view of the Obama administration’s approach to the Middle East, arguing that it was a balancing act between idealism and realism.

For nearly 10 years, Ben Rhodes has seen just about everything that’s happened in the Obama administration – first as a speechwriter, then as deputy national security adviser, and finally as assistant general counsel. skills and close collaborators. He started every morning in the Oval Office with the President’s Daily Briefing, traveled the world with Obama and was at the center of some of the most controversial and consequential moments of his presidency. Now, he tells the full story of his partnership – and eventual friendship – with a man who also served as a historic president of the United States.

Rhodes is not your typical presidential confidant, and this is not your typical White House memoir. Rendered in vivid, refreshing detail by a writer before becoming a staffer, this is a rare look at the most profound, tense and consequential moments of the presidency Obama – waited for the bin Laden raid in the Situation Room, responded to the Arab Spring, reached a nuclear deal with Iran, led secret negotiations with the Cuban government to normalize relations, while also facing the rise of nationalism and nativism that culminated in the election of Donald Trump.

In The World as It Is, Rhodes shows what it was like to be there – from the early days of Obama’s campaign to the final hours of his presidency. It’s a story that features the likes of Susan Rice, Samantha Power, Hillary Clinton, Bob Gates, and – most of all – Barack Obama, who come to life in moments of great urgency and great intimacy. . This is the most vivid depiction of Obama’s worldview and presidency, a chronicle of the political education of a writer of great talent, and an essential achievement about the forces that shape shaped the past decade.

Ben Rhodes has written a wall-mounted memoir about his time as national security assistant, speechwriter and ultimately trusted friend to President Obama. Rhodes started at the bottom and actually rose through the hierarchy to become a regular in the Oval Office. It is a detailed and highly persuasive book about the life, times, and issues of the Obama years. It also provides a close-up and vivid portrait of what it was like to be in that bubble, including riding in “The Beast” Presidential limo and, of course, Air Force One. I found it thoroughly entertaining and revealing, and very well written. It’s sad for people like me, who always long for and miss someone like Obama as commander in chief. However, it encourages you to get out and vote if you disagree with attacking and undoing those important Obama legacies.

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