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This for That by Bella Jewel is a book that revolves around the story of a woman named Harlow Granger who finds herself in a difficult situation after her husband’s death. She discovers that her husband had been involved in illegal activities, and now she must navigate through dangerous circumstances to protect herself and her family. As she delves deeper into her husband’s secrets, she uncovers shocking truths that challenge everything she thought she knew about him. The book is filled with suspense, intrigue, and unexpected twists as Harlow fights to uncover the truth and secure her future.

Dear Diary,
Oh, who am I kidding?

Dear life,
You so cruel. You are so heartless. You’re sick. You are really miserable.
Do you know that?
Are not…
Still doesn’t cut it.

Dear Fate…yeah, that’s it.

Dear Destiny,
What the hell?
What exactly have I done to deserve the life you have opened up for me?
Am I bothering you like that?
Am I bad?
Haven’t I prayed enough?
You put my life in your hands, fate, and you twisted it.
You turned it into a mess, and you made it ugly.
You have made me ugly.
One life for one life.
An eye for an eye.
That’s how it goes, right?
Her life. It’s mine now.
Someone is coming for me, but you already knew that, right?
Did you plan it?
Do you even try to tell them it’s not my fault?
That it was an accident?
That I didn’t mean for it to happen?
Or is this part of your sick and twisted plan?
I have one last question, fate, before you go….
Do you have a hero for me?
Because I’m going to need one.

I loved how Bella Jewel tore my heart out with this brilliantly written story. I won’t share any spoilers, except to say that this is a great book that would have deserved a 5-star rating if it weren’t for the shocking ending. I certainly didn’t see that coming….at least not the huge scope of deceit that happened to Callie over an innocent mistake. I’m not sure who, if any of them except Callie and her friend Joanne, deserve redemption in the next book. One thing is for sure, I’m eager to get my hands on it as soon as possible.

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