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“This Is Your Time” by Ruby Bridges is a poignant memoir where Bridges shares her experience as the first Black child to integrate an all-white school in New Orleans in 1960. Through her words, she emphasizes the importance of equality, justice, and the fight against racism. Bridges reflects on her journey, highlighting the impact of racial prejudice and inspiring readers to stand up against injustice and work towards a future free from discrimination.

Inspired by the recent wave of activism led by young people fighting for racial justice, civil rights icon Ruby Bridges – at just 6 years old, was the first black child to integrate an elementary school all-white New Orleans – shares his story and makes a powerful call to action with this elegant audiobook.

Written as a letter from civil rights activist and icon Ruby Bridges to listeners, This Is Your Time is both a retelling of Ruby’s experience as a child with no choice but to be federal marshals escorted her to class as she was chosen to be one of the first black students to integrate New Orleans’ all-white public school system and call on generations to enact change.

Ruby’s heartfelt and passionate words, imbued with love and grace, serve as a touching reminder that “what can inspire tomorrow often lies in our past.” This Is Your Time will electrify people of all ages as the fight for freedom and justice for all continues and Ruby Bridges’ powerful legacy lives on.

There is absolutely no hate coming from this story. Only the truth spoken with love and without bias. Please stop being afraid of the truth and thinking that all dark stories come from hate. Mostly not. This is American History. Don’t be afraid of it anymore. Take off your rose-colored glasses. Don’t raise ignorant children. This is a beautifully written letter to children from Ruby Bridges’ experience. It is written for them to understand. And as a former educator, it’s a most excellent story. Listen when eating with your child and be present to answer their questions honestly.

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