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“Three Dates of Christmas” by KC Burn is a heartwarming holiday romance novel that follows the story of Tony Delvecchio, a pharmacy manager who dislikes Christmas due to its commercialism and sentimentality. Despite his distaste for the holiday season, Tony finds himself facing new challenges when he unexpectedly ends up with three dates lined up for Christmas. As Tony navigates these romantic encounters, he begins to question his feelings towards Christmas and whether this year will be different.

Throughout the book, readers are taken on a journey with Tony as he grapples with his own perceptions of the holiday season and discovers the true meaning of Christmas beyond the materialistic aspects. The story delves into themes of love, self-discovery, and the magic of the holiday spirit, offering a heartening tale of personal growth and unexpected romance during the festive season.

In “Three Dates of Christmas,” KC Burn weaves a charming narrative that explores the transformative power of love and how it can soften even the most hardened hearts. With engaging characters, festive settings, and a touch of holiday magic, this novel captures the essence of Christmas romance and delivers a feel-good read that warms the soul.

Dean Murphy hates Christmas a little more every year. His job as drugstore manager requires him to decorate his store with seasonal cheer, but his distaste for seedy commercialism is topped only by his distaste for pluralism. feel syrup. Being alone sucks, but he’s been fine without friends or family for years. Why is December 25 different?

When a tattooed Tony Delvecchio walks into his shop, Dean hopes that maybe Tony will be different. Perhaps Tony is the one person who won’t be repelled by Dean’s Scrooge-like tendencies. But Tony loves the holidays, so he challenges Dean to three dates. Three dates to change his mind about Christmas.

I love the idea of this book! I mean one person hates everything about Christmas and one person loves it. Add to that a challenge and this book is set to be an enjoyable read. Dean Murphy works as a pharmacy manager and every year he is in charge of decorating the store with Christmas decorations, and even though he is nicknamed Christmas Scrooge and hates holidays, he still tries his best.

A few weeks before Christmas, Tony came to the store and the two immediately took a liking to each other. Tony argues about going on a date with Dean – something completely out of Dean’s comfort zone. During dinner, Dean accidentally reveals that he hates everything about Christmas. Tony’s skeptical look led him to believe that dinner would be the last time he saw Tony. He didn’t expect that Tony challenged him to three Christmas-themed dates with the intention of turning him into a holiday lover.

I loved the layout and the book met my expectations. I love how Tony goes all out to introduce Dean to some holiday cheer. Nothing too extreme, but the dates still went perfectly, gently blending into everything during Christmas. Tony had this instinct with Dean from the beginning. He knows when to push or pull back, nudge or pull along. It’s a beautiful love story.

Darcy Stark captured the holiday feel of this book. He makes you feel Tony’s love for the holiday, his determination to show Dean how much fun it can be. He also caught Dean perfectly. He was reluctant to try what Tony suggested – but there was also curiosity and desire buried deep within him.

Three Dates of Christmas really shows you that resistance is futile. A Christmas lover will always convert the Christmas Scrooges of the world.

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