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Three Jack Reacher Novellas (with Bonus Jack Reacher’s Rules) by Lee Child

1. “Deep Down”

“Deep Down” is one of the three Jack Reacher novellas written by Lee Child. In this story, Reacher is on a mission to recover a valuable artifact for a university in Oklahoma. The artifact is believed to be hidden in an underground cave system, and Reacher must navigate through dangerous terrain and face various challenges to retrieve it. As he delves deeper into the mystery, he uncovers secrets that put his skills and resourcefulness to the test.

2. “Second Son”

In “Second Son,” another novella featuring Jack Reacher, readers are taken back to Reacher’s early days as a military police officer in the U.S. Army. Set during his time stationed in Korea, this story explores a case that tests Reacher’s instincts and moral code. As he investigates a series of crimes involving his fellow soldiers, Reacher must confront difficult decisions and navigate the complexities of military justice.

3. “High Heat”

The third novella in this collection, “High Heat,” follows Jack Reacher as he finds himself in New York City during a sweltering summer heatwave. When he witnesses a young boy being targeted by dangerous individuals, Reacher steps in to protect him and unravel the conspiracy behind the boy’s predicament. As he races against time to uncover the truth and ensure the boy’s safety, Reacher faces formidable adversaries and relies on his ingenuity and combat skills.

Deep Down: In the short story “Deep Down” by horror master Lee Child, Jack Reacher must track down a spy masquerading as a soldier – by combining his wits with four formidable women. Three are clean – but the fourth can be fatal.

Summoned by Military Intelligence to Washington, D.C., Reacher is sent on a covert operation. The mission awaits him: The Army is meeting with paymasters on Capitol Hill to secretly discuss a new, state-of-the-art sniper rifle for U.S. forces. But key details about the weapons are leaking — straight from the Capitol and possibly into the hands of unknown foreign arms dealers. The prospect of any and every terrorist militia, mercenary, or dictator having the latest in superior firepower is unthinkable. That’s when Reacher appeared. His mission: infiltrate top secret procedures and destroy the mole. His target: the Army’s quartet of high-powered political liaison officers – all women quickly on their way to the top.

According to his bosses, it was a non-hazardous mission. No need to pull out a gun…just chat over a glass of wine. But Reacher knows that things are rarely what they seem. And he learned the hard way to never underestimate an opponent. Or four. The lessons will come in handy as he begins to search for the truth – and his hands are a lot dirtier than he expected.

Second Son: Young Jack Reacher knows how to end a battle so it’s always over. He knows how to get the job done so it gets done. And, in one of his first challenges, he learned that his analytical brain is as important as his impressive muscles.

Okinawa, 1974: Even at the age of 13, Jack Reacher knew how to outwit and overwhelm anyone who stood in his way. And as the new kid in town, pretty much everyone was. His family went to the Pacific with his father, who was preparing for a top-secret Marine Corps operation. After receiving a rude welcome from the local military, Reacher and his brother, Joe, intend to teach them a lesson they won’t forget. But clearly there’s more at stake than pride. When his family’s future seemed doomed, it was the youngest Reacher who rose to the occasion with all the cunning and decisive courage that would one day become his deadly trademark.

High Temperatures: Amid a savage heatwave and an infamous murder, a blackout awakens the dark side of the city that never sleeps – and young Jack Reacher acts on his abilities.

July 1977: Jack Reacher is almost 17 years old and he stops in New York City on his way to visit his brother at West Point. The summer heat is sweltering, the city is bankrupt, and the crazed gunman Son of Sam is still on the loose. Reacher meets a woman in trouble and agrees to help her… but then the power grid fails and the lights go out, plunging the lawless city into chaos. What is a visiting teenager doing in the dark? If the visiting teenager is Jack Reacher then the answer is a lot.

I love the character of Jack Reacher and I have read all if these books, these short novels are a great tool to learn about Reacher’s earlier history, they are unexpected short stories but still well written and in some ways unexpected, except that Reacher saved the day and usually got the girl. There are four books in total: Deep Down, Second Son, High Heat and the bonus Reachers Rules. They are good books, worth reading and owning.

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