1776 Full Audiobook By David McCullough

1776 is an excellent book that talks about the American History and settlement and post settlement scenarios of the first band who came to the Northwest Territory. It is a book written by David McCullough who has researched well to bring us the facts from the history without distorting them and sharing in a highly presentable manner. David McCullough himself is also the narrator of this novel. This shows his versatility and both his writing and narration is highly commendable from all aspects of quality and performance.

The author David McCullough in this stirring book tells a highly human oriented tale of all those who along with Gen. George Washington marched in the Declaration of Independence year. It was the time when the entire America cause was based on their success and without this, all hope for gaining independence would be dashed out. Moreover, the principled ideals of Declaration would count a little more than a few words on a piece of paper.

The story of 1778 is based on deep research from both the British and American archives. The book tells about notable Americans in the ranks, men of every size, shape and color, school teachers, farmers, no-accounts, shoemakers and those young boys who just turned into soldiers. William Howe, the British Commander is also the main part of the story along with the tale of his disciplined redcoats.

David McCullough is credited with several top class books on American history and also writing memoirs and biographies of some notable political figures. If you have time and looking to listen something more on these lines then you must checkout his books: John Adams and The Pioneers.


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