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Franklin Horton is the author of many popular science novels and horror horror. His typical works is Locker Nine: A Novel of Societal Collapse (2016), The Mad Mick: Book One of the Mad Mick Series (2018), Ashes of the Unspeakable (2015), Legion of Despair (2016).

The Locker Nine Series was told by him about the adventure of two mysterious and unexpected father and son Grace Hardwick. Grace Hardwick is studying at her favorite university. She is nurtured skills and knowledge to survive. Life has happened, she faces the hungry and they turn their backs on each other.

The content includes 3 books:

Book 1: Locker Nine A Novel of Societal Collapse

The content tells about Grace Hardwic’s college life changed. The school she is studying The United States attacks. She followed in her footsteps to find the key to guide her where she needed to go back home or into the fight to protect loved ones ..

Book 2: Grace Under Fire  

The content talks about the survival and fighting skills to help her and her friend Tom fight the war, fight the cruel killer.

Book 3: Compound Fracture – The Locker Nine Series Book 3  

Compound Fracture is the third novel in the series The Locker Nine Series by famous author Franklin Horton. The novel is about the return of the family of Grace and Robert. Robert Hardwick’s daughter Grace is looking forward to returning home because the country collapses. Robert chased after her, he saw her make a safe seat at the sanctuary in the mountains of northern Georgia. On his way back Robert was surrounded by a corrupt knight and army, to take his possessions. How Robert came up with a risky plan to stop the military onslaught? Invite you to watch the next development of this good story.

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