A Clash of Kings by George R. R. Martin (Audiobook Online)

Roy Dotrice’s voice strikes our ears once again in this second episode of the series by George R.R. Martin. The previous bloodshed and the mysteries behind the myths open in front of us in this second chapter as we move toward the war of the ages.

The comet, in the beginning, works as the symbol of war as it possesses the color of blood and flame that makes it apparent for each state and its heroes that war is near. The iron throne of the seven kingdoms awaits the true king, the one who possesses the ability to conquer all.

This time the story becomes deadly as deceptive methods are used in order to gain control of the throne. The princess and her knight develop a poison for the sorceress and the men that came from the mountains of the moon, the poison not only works as a tool for killing but also shows the evil plot and hatred of the two for the sorceress and her men.

Thus the evil raiders bring out the devil that was always there in the hearts of mankind. The princess along with her men goes beyond the limit to achieve something that was considered impossible. The description like always is accurate and the epic fantasy touches the limits that no other book has ever touched, it surely has a good deal for action lovers as well as the lovers of fantasy stories.

The hidden plots open at the right time which can be observed in all the parts like  A Game of Thrones and  A Storm of Swords, this aspect make it more interesting than the rest of such works. The continuation in the story and the development of the characters and their roles is always given primary importance which is awesome.


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