A Dance with Dragons by George R. R. Martin (Audiobook)

The series A Song of Ice and Fire includes some of the most interesting stories that people have enjoyed so far. The author of this series George R. R. Martin has given a new touch filled with emotions, thrill and fabulous twist of unexpected scenarios that pick the imagination from beyond your thoughts.

This is Book 5 in the series that is also filled with lots of amazing characters and happenings that will engrave amazing memories to stay in the listener’s mind ever after.

The perfect storyline paired with the voice of Roy Dotrice has become a masterpiece for the novel readers.

This Epic fantasy-filled novel has won the reader’s hearts. And the author has become New York Times bestselling author who has given a series of fantasy novels that are unforgettable.

This fifth book also has given the best of both worlds and ensure that you will be enjoying your extreme imagination in an unpredictable manner.

Just like the author has introduced in his books A Game of Thrones, A Clash of Kings and the famous A Storm of Swords.

The dilemma of the seven kingdoms needs to be tackled carefully as the whole future depends on it. There is terror everywhere and you cannot determine which side will be safe for keeping everything safe from getting engulfed by the danger.

You can experience the fear coming in and the situation gets worse as the story proceeds. You will see how Daenerys Targaryen will face the enormous enemies including the man who is on his on target.

The Mammoth wall is guarding everyone but when the challenges come, 998th Lord and the Commander of the Night Watch will be threatened.

This is only a glimpse of what you will be listening to, in this book. Whereas when you start getting involved in the story you will be able to see how it develops and how you will be feeling like being a part of it.

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