A Discovery of Witches – All Souls Series Book 1

A Discovery of Witches is the first romance novel in the All Souls Series by author Deborah Harkness. The book became a focal point and was loved by fans around the world.

Diana Bishop, a young scholar and descendant of witches, discovers the lost alchemical manuscript Ashmole 782 lying behind in the library of Oxford’s Bodleian Library.

The reappearance of the fanciful underworld, where she orientated her leading man, vampire geneticist Matthew Clairmont.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: A Discovery of Witches – All Souls Series Book 1 by Jill

Not for me

Let me preface my review by saying that you should take my review with a grain of salt. This book came highly recommended to me and seems to be pretty well liked overall. Currently, on goodreads, there are over 318,000 ratings and the book has a 4 star average.

A Discovery of Witches is book one of the All Souls Trilogy. This is the first book that I have tried from this author. I’m not sure if I would try another.

I love fantasy, witches, vamps, demons, all that. I thought A Discovery of Witches would be right up my alley and had been really excited to read it for a while. Unfortunately, I found it to be boring and it just droned on. I couldn’t connect with the main character at all and had no interest in her or what she was saying because it was just monotonous. As I mentioned a moment ago, there are witches and vampires and demons and up to the point where I stopped reading, there wasn’t any air of excitement at all. The main character is a scholar who spends every day, all day, in the Oxford library researching old books and manuscripts and talks about it ad nauseam. She is also a witch but refuses to acknowledge her powers and makes an effort to do everything the long and tedious way to prove that she doesn’t need magic to succeed. Except for when she does use magic and rationalizes it away. When she isn’t in the library she is running or rowing a boat. Couple all of that with some flowery prose and that was the beginning of the book in a nutshell. The audiobook is 24 hours long. I only made it 2.5 hours so maybe it gets better…I mean it has to, right? I just couldn’t take anymore to find out for myself.

The narration was fine. I didn’t have any problems with it. It seemed pretty monotone but honestly, I think that was just how the book was, not anything the narrator did.

Review 2: A Discovery of Witches – All Souls Series Book 1 by Vickie Sigmon

Should Have Trusted My Own Judgment

This book is a Romance.
Do you hear me saying this book is a Romance?
Don’t buy if you are not looking for a book that is all Romance.

I would have preferred a narrator who had a more mature voice. If the majority of the characters had been 20-somethings or younger, than this narrator would have been fine. Her voice and intonations are too juvenile for the majority of characters who are late 30s or older.

Despite comparisons in reviews, this story line doesn’t rival the Outlander series

Review 3: A Discovery of Witches – All Souls Series Book 1 by CiaraLovexo

Twilight Reject!!!!

This book is called Discovery of witches yet it focuses on a witches love and relationship with a vampire & how they might be able to have children. Where’s the spell casting where’s the action. The best part was when Diana got kidnapped by the other witch other than that boring

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