A Shade of Vampire 17: A Wind of Change

A Shade of Vampire 17: A Wind of Change is the 17th book in the Shade of Vampire series by author Bella Forrest. A new hero has appeared in the final battle. A hero has sent The Shade into a puddle of uncharted territory. Who ushers in a new world order in which the predator can safely return.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: A Shade of Vampire 17: A Wind of Change audiobook by Tamara

love love the shade since book 1! Need audible

I was so happy to find out 17 was audible and finally released! I am a huge fan of THE SHADE A VAMPIRE SERIES. I thought it was so halarious and cute when new character named River said the lady at the clothing booth looked acted her funny because of her not having any pants on, I thought it was really nice that the author Ms. Bella Forrest my favorite audible books author gave us a sneak peek for book 18 audible following this one on top of the usual and fantastic epilogue which was the first chapter of book 18 and I just hope that it comes out immediately because I have waited for over a year for this book to come out on audible and want desperately to read every possible book she has out on the shade and the novacs and vampire books . I have never enjoyed reading any book even on audible as much and as lighting fast as I can like hers. She’s the best and there in my opinion is Noone better! So please please contact Ms. Forrest on her website through email and tell her too how much you enjoyed this book like I did because the more everyone speaks up the better and more likely she will be to process the enormous amount of titles from here on out . There are so many before already of the series on audible and so many many more on paper awaiting your reading too and I can’t wait to get them all . if I could right now I would buy every single one of her continuous titles of the above mentioned series but I am having to wait for them to be made into audible and I don’t like kindle with out audible.

Review 2: A Shade of Vampire 17: A Wind of Change audiobook by Stacey

Great book!

The first couple chapters were a little slow but not bad! Overall I have to say that this is another great book in this series!! I am excited to find out what happens to River and Ben, and how their story unfolds!!

Review 3: A Shade of Vampire 17: A Wind of Change audiobook by katie

great performances

I’m glad Zachary Webber came back as Derek in this book. I enjoyed Elizabeth Evens and Will Damron as River and Ben. you guys performed great. Did it once again Bella Forrest, your amazing.

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