A Shade of Vampire 18: A Trail of Echoes

A Shade of Vampire 18: A Trail of Echoes is the 18th book in the Shade of Vampire series by author Bella Forrest. Secrets will be unraveled and shocking discoveries made in A Trail of Echoes. We invite you to stay tuned for the sequel to this wonderful book.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: A Shade of Vampire 18: A Trail of Echoes audiobook by Kerri

40 books in series 18 on audio

It’s killing annoying when you love a series but the sequels aren’t on audio for years. Also upset about her other series three of four have audiobooks. Amazing series but you have to be patient.

Review 2: A Shade of Vampire 18: A Trail of Echoes audiobook by Stacey

Great book!!

Again another great book in the series!! More twists and turns in the plot! Can’t wait for the next book to find out what happens next!!

Review 3: A Shade of Vampire 18: A Trail of Echoes audiobook by Tamara


I waited almost a year to 2 years for this book of the series to finally come out after contacting audible via chat and email in content dept. as of September 1st finally book 18 this one is finally on audible and it’s my favorite since day one on audible and unfortunately I so worried that it going to take as long or longer to finally get books 19 and on since kindle is just not doing the nook series justice please contact the author bella forest and email audible content dept by asking chat rep to give you the email address because it is thee best mutiple narrators all extremely talented and a wonderful series I am in love with and I wish she would show the all now on audible so I can download and buy every . remaining book from her series that only the rest are on kindle which is useless plus this was just 5 hours est. long I need more my bir5was the 7th of September and I had audible happen you see book 18 release on sept. 2st,2017 PLEASE IT’S THE SUPREME VAMPIRE ADVENTURE ROMANCE SUSPENSE SERIES PLEASE HELP CONTACT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE ABS EMAIL AUDIBLE PKEASE:)!!#!

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