A Shade of Vampire 3: A Castle of Sand

A Shade of Vampire 3: A Castle of Sand is the third book in the Shade of Vampire series by author Bella Forrest. This is the captivating and awe-inspiring book that Bella Forrest brings to our readers. Sofia has to Derek like a makeshift sandcastle, life’s storms and time will soon end. A sinister secret awaits Sofia in the bowels of the Egyptian desert, one that will destroy her sand castle sooner than she expected.

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A castle of sand
A Shade of Vampire series book 3
Written by Bella Forrest
Narrated by Emma Galvin
Zachary Webber
Holter Graham
Michael Braun
And Becca bateau
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About a castle of sand
What Sophia has with Derek
Feels like a sandcastle
And something that the ways of life and time will soon ruin
Since the return of Gregor Novak
The island has turned several Shades Darker
His hatred towards Sofia and thirst for fresh blood lead to a brutal War igniting between
Father and son
The hunters are gaining formidable strength and Resources by the day
They know that the safety of the shade
Hangs entirely on its ability to remain hidden from them
And a Sinister Secret
Lies and wait for Sophia
Within the bowels of an Egyptian desert
A secret
That threatens to crush her sandcastle
Much sooner than she could have expected
My blood was pounding Within Me
A surge of horror rust through my body as I scoped my surroundings
Gunshots being fired all over the place
A fiery bullet hit a vampire about seven feet away from me
Who screamed in agony as he burst into flames
He was only one among the many vampires present in those tombs
One of my many dying excruciating death by those fatal gunshot
If you lucky ones were killed with Stakes driven through their heart
But most were shot with a hunter’s bullet uniquely engineered to meet out death on the vampire
The site was sickening
But despite my horror over the sheer magnitude of death surrounding me
My Prime concern
Was Derek Novak
Can’t lose you
He was a vampire
He was a prince
He was a man that I loved
The mere thought of losing him made breathing a struggle
I looked around and gasped at the sight of him ripping the heart out of a vampire from the Maslin plan
Before moving on to Breaking the neck of a hunter poised to attack him with a steak
He was headed straight for Bohr’s Maslin
Fearing for his life
I stumbled forward
As I read through the chaos surrounding me toward my beloved
Someone grabbed my arm and pulled me back
Out of here
My father
Aiden Claremont
Was pointing toward the exit
He was speaking to the stranger ripping my arm
The sight of my father still confused me
What was you doing here
After all the years you had abandoned me
Unless me into care of his best friend Lyle Hudson
He seemed out of place in this world
My world
Is attempts to protect me where irritating
Get no business interfering with my life
His presence moved me beyond words
He was still my father
And I wanted to run to him and embrace him
Feel his strengths around me
Hear Whispers of assurances in my ear
Assurances that would answer my questions about why you had abandoned me
I wanted to know if you loved me
But there was no time for. Reunions
War was being waged all around us
And the only thing that mattered at that moment
Reaching Derek was being kept from me
I struggled against the hunters grasp
If he drags me in the opposite direction
He was Far stronger than me and I couldn’t break away from his grasp until he was tackled To The Ground by a familiar vampire
Four massive blonde curls covered her face and she let out a scream before ripping the man’s heart out
Are big brown eyes then turn toward me
Emantic smile forming on her face
I shivered as I looked into her eyes
A broken creature she embraced Darkness like no other and had become one of the most wicked.
Ever come across
She surged forward and pinned me against a wall with her bloody hands
Is my gift to you
She has
Before sinking her teeth into my neck
I’ve been bitten by vampires before
But I felt right away that what she was doing was different
He wasn’t simply feeding on me


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