A Shade of Vampire 5: A Blaze of Sun

A Shade of Vampire 5: A Blaze of Sun is the fifth book in the Shade of Vampire series by author Bella Forrest. This is an emotional book, with many surprises that readers listen to until the last minute. A brief encounter with Emilia at The Shade, Derek’s thoughts and dreams are haunted by mysterious and beautiful brunettes. Emilia is a mystery that Derek and Sofia want to uncover.

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I pulled the thick coat lined with fur over my body
As I cook the final step on the long winding stairway
Allowed out to the elders Castle
The blood keep
He liked to call it
I shuddered at the thought of entering the castle
Carrying upon my shoulders the weight of my failure
Before I could reach out and open the thick steel doors
They swung open
And I found myself standing face-to-face
Is my older brother
Triumphant smirk on his face
From head to fart
Eureka your little sis
I tilted his head to the side
Aren’t you supposed to be here with Sophia Claremont
I tried to sidestep I’m in rush to my chamber
I wanted to try to recuperate
Before having to face the wrath of all master
Our Father
The one who sired me
The very first vampire
This world has known
Of course
I should have expected that my sibling wasn’t going to make it that easy for me
Get out of my way I snapped them or I swear I’m going to cast a spell on you
Really now
Merida’s eyes at me
Do you remember the last time you tried something like that Amelia
I soldered at the memory of the punishment I had to endure under my father’s hands
But I spent it all
As I stared keev down
It will be worth the pain
To see you croaking around the castle like the frog that you are
Keith back down
I might have been the youngest among those that the Elder had side
But that didn’t mean that I couldn’t intimidate my other siblings
I walked past them
And again to head for my bathroom only to bump into my sister Clara
Just before I was able to reach my door
The beautiful brunette chuckled at the side of me
Are purple eyes sparkling as she did
You are in so much trouble
She Grand
I grunted
Hating the fact they were finding so much entertainment at my expense
All six of us were always fighting with each other jostling one another to get ahead
I’m getting for Father’s good graces
I think the Elder liked it that way
Enjoyed seeing his children compete with one another
Gain his favor
This time
I was certain that I wasn’t about to get any favors from him
It sent me to the shade
And Islands occupied by one of the most powerful covens on Earth
Unless by the man the Elder had promised would become mine
Derek Novak
I was sent that on a mission
The deal Sofia Clermont away from him
Sofia Claremont wasn’t immune
A young woman who would somehow concrete the vampire curse
Several vampires had already tried to turn her Novak included
She didn’t turn
The answer was obsessed with Gathering all the muse
And keeping that many cheap
In fact
I wasn’t sure if there was a single human in his territory who wasn’t immune
Upon reaching my bedroom I found one of the human slaves inside the place up for my expected arrival
The moment I laid eyes on him
I attacked
The four-poster bed in the middle of the room and biting into his neck
I grin
Even as I felt the immune Sweet Blood coursing through my body
Giving me an immense sense of power
As I prayed on the weakling beneath me
Images of Sofia Claremont
And how she clung to Derek
Flashed through my mind
I anticipated the days would take the place of the young man beneath me
Today when I could treat her
As nothing more than what she really was
Sustenance for my kind
I opened my eyes
Is there the boy beneath me
It was growing
And I knew that if I didn’t stop soon
I would end his life
I didn’t care
I wanted his blood
And the power that came with it
I didn’t want to feel powerless at the time I had to come face-to-face with the Elder
Simply couldn’t afford that
And by the time I was done


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