A Squirrel’s Ascension, The Godking’s Legacy, Book 3

A Squirrel’s Ascension, The Godking’s Legacy, Book 3 by Author Virlyce.

I almost never write reviews (sorry to all the great authors and storytellers). When I watch “A Squirrel’s Ascension” in new releases, I know it at the moment and I’ll be there after listening.

In short, at least in my opinion; This book has all the things I love, laugh at, and excite about like the stories before it.

Without going into details, I’m just saying that this book doesn’t disappoint and ends with a rather surprising and enjoyable addition to the story of Lucia, Softie, our lovable gangster and the rest of the gang. other less important but wonderful person (about you Mrs. Feathers).

I hope people will see this and pick it up even if you haven’t heard the stories before (perhaps you should at least listen to the first book) and check out Virlyce’s other works.

I found this series embarrassingly funny. Not only is it embarrassing that I find it as funny as I do, but the fact that I can’t help but laugh out loud when I hear it in public creates another problem. This book, like the first two, is pretty hilarious, though I’d say a little less just because the character development and world make a lot more sense and the overall story is much more engaging. When this book came out, I decided to read the second book and then move on to this one, and I would say that in 2020, that experience is probably the highlight of my year so far. The only thing I regret is starting from book 2 instead of book 1 because 32 hours is simply not enough.

As with the previous two books, Mare Trevethan really brings the characters to life, and I swear I’d miss half of the best parts without her.

  • A Squirrel’s Ascension

  • The Godking’s Legacy, Book 3
  • By: Virlyce
  • Narrated by: Mare Trevathan
  • Length: 16 hrs and 42 mins
  • Series: The Godking’s Legacy, Book 3
  • Unabridged Audiobook
  • Categories: Literature & Fiction
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