A Storm of Swords by George R. R. Martin (A Song of Ice and Fire series, Book 3)

The book is third in the list of a fine fantasy garnished by action and love scenes not only between lovers that come from two opposite sex but the love and association of family members that surpass their role in their professional life.

It’s good to hear that the series still continues with Roy Dotrice, the same narrator right from the opening book of the series and we as listeners tend to develop a likeness for the voice.

The story this time moves towards the end as two of the five contenders are out of the competition of getting a strong hold on the supreme throne. This, however, does not mean the end of the war as the battle goes on and on, becoming more terrifying than ever.

Joffrey has gained control of the iron throne that brings seven kingdoms to subjection, but still, he faces the threat of his bitter enemies like Lord Stannis and the new emerging young Robb. Just when you think that the war could settle for a final solution George R. R Martin adds another spice.

The spice of the barbarian fighters who are in a state of living dead and cannot be contained by anything. The turns, twists and of course new characters keep our interest alive in the story and just when you think that the story is about to end a new beginning is made that can be seen in other parts as well like A Game of Thrones and  A Clash of Kings the endings are always unique and we readers are always given the hint that the next part is coming quite soon.

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