A Tree Grows in Brooklyn – Best Selling Audiobook Online

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn – Best Selling Audiobook Online by Author Betty Smith.

Amazing sounds of children’s classics
Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why?

Yes, this is a great sound for kids and adults. I’m especially glad that I was 12 years old and I listened together. I’ve never seen him pause the audio so often to discuss different aspects – clothing, ethnic stereotypes, the meanings of different words, etc. Those discussions are probably as educational as anything. He is reading this book for school, but I know listening to the audio while he holds the book in front of him makes it very enjoyable for him.

Which character – played by Kate Burton – is your favorite character?

Probably Francie, but Kate Burton is a great storyteller.

Is this the book you want to hear all in one sitting?

I think it’s too tight and long, but it’s certainly fascinating to listen to as long as you can. We’re actually listening for the second time, which is unusual to imagine for such a long book.

Any additional comments?

Normally I like some music as part of the audio, but somehow the music played between chapters here is a bit jarring. My son calls it Random Musical Moments.

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