Adam, The Protectors Series, Book 5 – Audiobook Online

Adam, The Protectors Series, Book 5 – Audiobook Online by Author Teresa Gabelman.

Vampire hybrid Adam Pride has an almighty chip on his broad shoulders. Trying to move on after seeing Angelina get married to someone else, Adam has a decision to make. Remove the chip and move on or kill the man who took away what he most wanted in the world, his Angel.

With a broken heart, Adam is on a mission to be the best VC Warrior he can be. It wasn’t long before fate stepped in, turning the world upside down and his life as he knew it. Shocking revelations will reset allegiance and draw the VC Warriors down a new path. This journey is not Adam’s alone. Every Warrior, half-blood and human will be affected by what is to come. The unknown awaits. The battle has only just begun.

I’m starting to really enjoy this series and feel it’s definitely improved in terms of plot and story compared to the first book. Not my favorite series but I find myself invested in the characters and interested in what happens to them. I will definitely continue to listen and can’t wait for Slade and Jill to start! laugh out loud

Other PRN books that I think are great are Anything by Jeaniene Frost (especially the Night Huntress/Prince/Rebel series), Heather Hunter’s Irin Chronicles (well written and told), The People Series Dianne Duvall’s Immortal Guard, Jacqueline Frank’s Nightwalker Series, Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Hunter Series (this series turned out great in book 3, overcoming the terrible narrative of the first two, trust me! ), Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter series, J. D. Tyler’s Alpha Pack Series, and Tessa Dawn’s Bloodworm Curse series (very dark about vampires). Patricia Brigg’s Alpha and Omega series are also really good, you’re just more of a occultist than a PRN, the romance is subtle but totally worth listening to unless you ask for a bit. Most of these are available in the Escape Pack, which is a bonus if you like to binge.

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