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After We Fell by Anna ToddOnline Audiobook.

I love the first one, the second one is ‘meh’ and this one looks ENDLESS. The same things over and over again. Hardin is a jerk to Tessa, she cries, he apologizes, she can’t seem to grasp how to stand up to him, she can’t even seem to tell him what’s going on out, she asked EVERYTHING and continued and continued. I don’t know when I got involved in such an excessive and pointless story. Hardin really is the JERK OF THE WORLD… he just can’t seem to handle his anger and make all of us suffer, especially Tessa who let him go all over her. and then cried for a few more hours. This third part is not much different from the first two. Yes, Hardin had some problems growing up but PLEASE COMMENT and move on. Well… I’m so tired.

BUT!! I was also hooked on the story and will finish it (thank god!) in the final book. The narration is very Shane East and Elizabeth Louise do well the roles of the characters. I can only think that in countless events and situations over and over again, they have to roll their eyes and say…this will never end. I understand this is very common and was chosen for a movie. Oh, boy.

I must add, however, that Miss Todd has a real eye/ear for humour, and I burst out laughing at some of Hardin’s remarks. He can be quite funny. However, Tessa could only grit her teeth, question her every move and cry.

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