Alien Empress – Argonauts Book 3 By Isaac Hooke

Alien Empress is the third action book in the Argonauts series by author Isaac Hooke. The story revolves around a man fighting to save his homeland and his brothers from destruction. Green homeworld is under attack by aquatic species called Hydra. The Greens build defenses but their planet is collapsing.

Surus is someone who happens to be the current master of the Rade and the Argonauts; plans to return to her home world to help her. Rade agrees to help because humanity owes her a great debt. After Rade and his team arrive in their crafted Titan battle suits, their mission is to carry out a secret operation involving the Hydra queen.

When the mission turns tough, Rade calls for all of his training to save himself and his people, saving what he can accomplish.

Here are some comments from readers to better understand this good audiobooks:

01- The aliens, quests and characters come together into a wonderfully cohesive story.

This storybook sees Rade and his Argonauts must infiltrate an alien warrior’s motherhood, take on the Alien Queen himself, and live with her as a prisoner.

02- In this book we see Rade and his crew continuing the work of Surus; when she returns to protect her home world from attack.
The Argonauts decided to go with her to help protect their world, and ended up in a battle between two technologically advanced races.
Battle scenes and plans for covert operations are detailed. In this book we see a bit of character development and learn more about how much Rade cares and sacrifices for his people.

03 – Rade Gabaal is growing older and pressured to take responsibility for the life of his partner Shaw. But when their client, the Green Phant, Surus, must return to her home world to protect it from destruction, and asks for the Argonauts’ aid instead.

They all knew that the rescue mission was nearly impossible. But there’s a possibility that saving the Green sub-hive is involved and involves another quest – and a trip into more inhospitable territory. Another innovative indie story in this exciting Argonauts series. The characters are colorful but very human, crude but funny.

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